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Nestor Slepcev

About Storch Aviation

Storch Aviation is the business of Nestor Slepcev. Nestor, originally from Yugoslavia, has lived in Australia for 30 years and has been flying for over 10 years. At the same time as he learned to fly, he began to design aircraft.

By 1991-92 Nestor had designed and constructed the first two Single Seat "Slepcev Storch" under Australian category 95-10. He had also designed, constructed and flown a Single Seat Low Wing Monoplane and Yugo, his twin KFM 30hp aircraft.

In 1993-94 Nestor concentrated on producing the "Slepcev Storch" as a Two Seat Tandem aircraft and at the same time he worked on Me-109-G2.

Nestor's interest in aircraft has always been focused on Second World War Aircraft of European History, and the pilots who flew these historic war-birds.

The Original "Storch", (German for stork), played a very important role for the Luftwaffe in the Second World War as a reconnaissance utility and personnel carrying aircraft.

The Slepcev Storch is a 3/4 scale version of the original, modified for simplicity, with dual controls and two seats in tandem.

After building and experimenting for a number of years with radio controlled models of about 1/3 scale Nestor then moved on to produce the Slepcev Storch of 3/4 scale at his property at Beechwood New South Wales Australia.

His first prototype Slepcev Storch flew over 200 hours in the first 12 months and proved itself to be very reliable and great fun to fly. It is not meant to be a sleek looking aircraft. It is a war-bird, a robust paddock machine, capable of operating from short field runways. and modified from the original for easier construction. Scaled to 3/4, the Storch is easy to fly and capable of taking two people of average size.

The Storch has its own place in many historical events, one being the rescue of Mussolini from the now famous Italian resort of Campo Imperatore, 10,000 above sea level on the Gran Sasso mountain. After 12 months of seeking approval Nestor arrived in Italy in August 1996 to re-enact this historic event as a way to promote his aircraft, the "Slepcev Storch".

On 24 August 1996, almost 53 years to the day after the event took place, he landed his Slepcev Storch Mk4, with Rotax 912 motor, at Gran Sasso.

It had been manufactured at his factory at Beechwood, Australia in 1996 and shipped to Italy prior to his arrival. "The high altitude, short area of approximately 70 meters of rough gravel designed for my landing, obstructions of roads and buildings, and the media and crowds of onlookers who had gathered for the occasion made the event difficult but worthwhile."

We hope you enjoy the information on this site. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact Nestor, by either telephone, letter, fax or email.

"I look forward to hearing from you soon. Until then......Happy flying!" Nestor Slepcev

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