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The Slepcev Storch is a two seat tandem, Short Take-Off and Landing, (STOL), aircraft with some amazing capabilities.

Slepcev Storch - Storch Aviation SCG

The original "Storch", (German for stork), was designed in 1936, Germany, by Dr. Gerhard Fieseler, and played an important role for the Luftwaffe in the Second World War as a reconnaissance utility and personnel carrying aircraft.

The Slepcev Storch is the design of Nestor Slepcev, Cenej Novi Sad, Serbia, and is a 3/4 scale version of the original. Modified in areas for simplicity, the Slepcev Storch had dual controls and two seats in tandem.

By keeping the weight down to a minimum, yet keeping the aircraft structurally still very strong, (+6 -3), the Slepcev Storch is very original in both appearance and performance. The aircraft will fly at 22mph at full flap and 30% of power. Take off run into a 16mph wind is vertical with no forward roll.

Nestor has displayed the Slepcev Storch throughout the world including the worlds biggest Airshow, Oshkosh USA, as well as Sun'n'Fun in Florida, USA. The Storch has proved a popular aircraft, a real crowd pleaser.

The Slepcev Storch can be used in a variety of roles and most importantly, because of the S.T.O.L. performance, people with only a small acreage could have their own airfield to operate from. To date the Slepcev Storch has mainly been purchased for pleasure flights and historical significance. We receive many inquiries from large property owners for commercial application of the storch for the mustering of stock, checking of fences and water supplies.

With its wonderful visibility and STOL flight the storch is also suitable for photography application and police and air coastal surveillance.

Slepcev Storch - Storch Aviation SCG

The first prototype, The Slepcev Storch, flew over 200 hours in the first 12 months and proved itself to be very reliable and great fun to fly. The Slepcev Storch is not a sleek looking aircraft, it is not meant to be. It is a war-bird, a robust paddock machine, capable of operating from short field runways.

The Slepcev Storch is modified from the original for easier construction. Scaled to 3/4, the Storch is easy to fly and capable of taking two people of average size.

The wings do not fold, however, they are removable and allow the Storch to be transported by trailer or stored compactly.

If you would like more information concerning the Slepcev Storch, simply goto the email page and forward your enquiry. For orders, simply e-mail us to have the information forwarded to you.


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