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Storch Aviation SCG - "Storch"

Australian Certification JAR-VLA
The Slepcev Storch is JAR-VLA certified, the highest standard weight/size obtainable in Australia. [Type Certificate No. VA505 issue by CASA(Civil Aviations Safety Authority) Australia on 14th October 1991], and, at the time of issue, was only the fourth company in Australia to gain this highest standard of weight for horsepower certification over the preceding 30 years.

Australian Noise Certification
March 7th 2002, the Slepcev Storch gained Australian Noise Certification to standard 66.8 dBA (Certificate No NC01/02). This high standard meets even the strict requirements of Switzerland.

Storch Aviation SCG - "Storch"

Spanish Certification
On 21st May 2001, the Slepcev Storch gained VLA certification in Spain. (Certificate No 233-1).

By keeping the weight down to a minimum, yet keeping the aircraft structurally still very strong, (+6 -3), the Slepcev Storch is very original in both appearance and performance. The Slepcev Storch will fly at 20mph at full flap and 30% of power. Take off run into a 23mph wind is vertical with no forward roll.

Construction is 4130 chrome-moly steel tubing for the fuselage, rudder and elevator. Glasing is lexan with full aluminium wings. The main landing gear is made of 4130 tubing with travel of 10 inches.

All components are kept simple and are manufactured with the least amount of moving parts possible. Standard wheels are 800 x 6 x 6 with alloy rims for the Main Landing Gear and a standard Maule Tail Wheel. Brakes are standard hydraulic disk. All models have wing fuel tanks.

A motor of up to 100kg but no less than 100hp is recommended. The Slepcev Storch requires a motor that can swing a 74" propellor and the use of a water-cooled motor rather than an air-cooled motor is suggested.

The kit consists of JAR-VLA certified components.

It is fully welded, with painted fuselage and empennage, (chrome moly 4130), and comes complete with upholstered seats, landing gear, wheels, hydraulic disk brakes and maule tail wheel.

Wings include all aluminium skins and hardware.

Spars and ribs are predrilled and lightening holes flanged.

The kit has doors on both sides.

Storch Aviation SCG - "Storch"

Joy-stick and all push-rods are installed in the fuselage, ready for the connection of the rudder and elevators. Elevator in-flight incident trim is ready for connection.

All glazing and 1.2 Lexan around the cockpit is supplied.

All hardware, nuts, bolts and pop-rivets are supplied. Ribs and spars come pre-formed with lightening holes, flanged and ready to assemble. "D" section is .020 folded aluminium in shape.

This basic, inexpensive and quick-to-build kit takes approximately 800 hours to complete and requires only basic tools and equipment. A solid workbench approximately 16 feet long and 4 feet wide is recommended.

The kit does not contain motor, motor mount, battery, propellor, instruments or fabric covering.

Optional Firewall Forward Package
Includes Rotax 912ULS engine, engine mount with radiator to suit, engine cowl to suit, 3 blade warp drive propellor, instrumentation to suit Rotax engine (tacho, oil pressure, oil temp, water temp, hobbs hour meter) and exhaust system to suit.

Storch Aviation SCG - "Storch"

Ready to Fly
Supplied with a standard colour scheme of white with customer choice of coloured lightning bolt stripe on the fuselage.

Slepcev Storch Muster and logo stickers are placed on either side of the cowl with the Australian Southern Cross on the tail.

Other paints scheme such as camouflage are available at an additional charge on request.

The factory-completed JAR-VLA certified Slepcev Storch is installed with either a Rotax 912S 100hp engine or a 912ULS 100hp engine to swing a certified 2 blade propellor.

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Storch Aviation Serbia - "Slepcev Storch" Storch Aviation Serbia - "Slepcev Storch" Storch Aviation Serbia - "Slepcev Storch" Storch Aviation SCG - "Slepcev Storch"


storch Aviation SCG

Top Speed: 
Cruise Speed: 
Stall Speed: 
Rate of Climb: 
Take Off Distance: 
Landing Distance: 
Service Ceiling: 
Fuel Capacity: 
Empty Weight: 
Gross Weight: 

Wing Span: 
Wing Area: 
Ready to Fly (Ultralight registration): 
Ready to Fly (VH registration): 
Firewall Forward Package for Kit: 

78 knots
70 knots
25 knots
700 fpm
50 - 100 feet
50 - 100 feet
15,000 feet
75 litres
350 kg.
(if UL reg) 544 kg.
(if GA reg) 550 kg.
6.8 meters
10 meters
16 sq. meters
Two, in tandem
Rotax 912S, 100 hp.
On application
On application
On application
On application

* All specifications and performance figures are subject to change and update without prior notice.