What Happens If You Don’t Remove Tree Stumps After Tree Removal

Trees are just like us humans, they have a limited life span, and can die as well, in which case they need to be removed your yard as soon as possible. However, tree stumps are usually left behind by the tree removal service, and they can become a headache if not removed on time.

Here are some of the worst things that can happen if you don’t remove the tree stumps on time.

Pets Are Attracted Towards Stumps

Tree stumps start to rot soon after they are left behind in your yard. When the rotting process starts, the stump begins to start attracting pests and insects. These creatures make a home for themselves in the tree, and can increase significantly in number over time.

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While the pests might be harmless to you at first, they might eventually start damaging the structure of your house. That’s why you should hire a Stump removal, Lake Elsinore and stump removal, Lake Elsinoreservice to get rid of the unwanted tree stumps.

Stump Can Also Start Re-Growing

While you might think that tree stumps die after they are left behind, they can start re-growing as well. Tree stumps and also start new growth around them. You might still think that you can easily remove the small growing plants, but they can suck lots of vital nutrients and moisture in the soil.

That’s why you should gets the tree stumps removed as soon as possible after getting rid of the tree. This will help keep your landscaping healthy.

There Are Also Hazards Associated With Tree Stumps

Stumps left behind after cutting the trees can become a great hazard in your yard.Lower stumps in particular can present a tripping hazard. This is especially true for young kids and elder people in your yard. So, get the stumps removed as soon as possible.